Closing the community

Hi everyone.

The results of the poll were somewhat positive, but only two people voted and only one would be interested in participating in every round. So it's pretty clear what the fate of the community is. I'm closing it. Not deleting though, cause you might never know. But I'm definitely closing it to future challenges. So I just wanna thank all the people who participated so far and my co-mods.

This has been a great place to mod.


Hi dear members.

My co-mod and I have noticed a lack of participation lately. It appears lots of people have lost interest in TVD and many of our usual members aren't here anymore.
So I ask you your opinion. There are a few options in the poll. Would you be so kind as to answer? You can elaborate in the comments as much as you want.

Thanks for this.

Poll #2029034 Community
This poll is closed.

What do you think?

I think it's best to put the community on hiatus
I want to keep participating in this community's challenge
I want to keep participating but I want to see different rounds (explain in the comments)
I'd be interested in occasional challenges (every few months or so)
Other (explain in the comments)
None of the above (explain in the comments)


Voting Rules

• You're not only looking for high quality icons, but also icons that fit the theme well.
Do NOT vote for yourself or ask others to vote for you.
• Vote for ONE (1) in the poll.
• If your icon is nominated for the tie, please select the option "I'm nominated."
Voting closes tomorrow, or less if the ties are easily broken.

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• The sign-up post for Round 65 is up here.
HP - TimeTurner

Round 65 SIGN-UPS

Round 65

Please read these rules as well as the community information before signing up.
• You must be a member of the community.
• Make sure that you will have the time to participate in this challenge.
For this round, you have to claim A Pairing. (any pairing: couple, friends, enemies, family) They have to be together in at least 15 icons.
*Remember, you can also icon characters from The Originals, if you want to.

The themes will be posted in a few days.

• No claim can be chosen more than three times.
• Sign-ups will be open until the end of the round.

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