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• Icons must be made specially for this challenge. Do not use previously made icons.
• All work must be your own.
• Icons must fit the LiveJournal standard: PG Rated | 40kb | 100x100px | .png,.gif or .jpg
• When posting the completed icons, leave 3 icon examples and either a link to the icon post or use an lj-cut.
• The icon post must be unlocked and public.
• Use the provided table to post your icons; you can edit the style, but not the order of the icons.
• Add a subject - the format is: Round 55 | username
• All 20 icons are due on February 2nd
Remember, you can sign-up through the whole round.


This is a SPECIAL ROUND. You didn't have to choose a particular claim.
I randomized some characters and some words and you have to create an icon based on the two words given.
(Remember that the words can be interpreted in many ways, I'm not strict, so don't be afraid).
There are 20 themes and no category/ac sets.


20 themes

*1. Two+Outside
You have to show two characters in the icon outside of a confined space. Woods, beaches, road, etc.

*2. Vampire+Naive
If there's a general claim like -vampire-, you can choose any vampire you wanted, associated with the adjective given.

*3. Katherine+Candy
Katherine has to be the only person in the icon. As for -candy-, you can interpret this in many ways. Candy colors (bright pinks, yellows, baby-blues etc) or her relishing in pleasure or eating/drinking something or whatever you can come up with.

*4. Sexual+Negative Space
A sexy/sensual situation BUT captured in a negative space. No close crops or center crops.

*5. Favorite+Hated
Basically, icon your favorite and hated character together. If they're never together, you can do blending and stuff like that.

*6. Scar+Black
Don't be scared. It doesn't necessarily have to be an actual scar. Scars are also emotional and you can also use wounds count as well if you can't find anything. You can also use brushes if you'd like. As for the other word, it's pretty self explanatory: use only the color black (white is allowed of course, but not too much).

*7. Caroline+Flower/s
As always, Caroline is the only character allowed in the icon (it's always like this when characters are included in the prompts) but you can include a flower or many flowers, as long as they're visibile in the icon.

*8. Adventure+Car
A journey onto the open road, a rescue mission, anything is fine as long as there's a car involved. (Just to clarify, the scene when Caroline,Matt,Elena and Stefan go on a double date wouldn't count BUT the scene where Elena and Damon are going to NY would.)

*9. Stefan+Hidden
Think of something hidden, maybe a secret or things like that, think of Stefan and make the icon! :)

*10. Temper+Last Episode
Last Episode refers to the last you watched, not the last one aired (although, if they're the same you can go for it of course).

*11. Tasty+Human
This is a tricky one. You can only icon a human character, NOT a supernatural one. You can, of course, icon characters that were human (but are now vamps or other) in their human scenes.

*12. Sweet+Unexpected
This is a pretty free one, just make an icon that combines both adjectives.

*13. Hair+Dance
Hair must be the primary subject of the icon BUT you have to use a dance scene, WHILE they're actually dancing. For example, Elena talking to someone in a dance episode (even if she is at the actual dance, wearing the dress and everything) doesn't count. Elena while she's dancing DOES count.

*14. New Entry+Red
Icon someone you'd like to see act in TVD/TO (that hasn't been a part of the show yet) and use the color red (it has to be the main color) for the icon.

*15. Elena+All Of The Stars
Elena is your given character (only her...if you're a Delena fan you're hating me so much right now) and you have to be inspired from the song All Of The Stars (lyrics when you click on the name) and here's the video:
(You don't have to include the lyrics)

*16. Broken+Devil
Even evil characters have feelings. Can you capture them?

*17. Frame+Flashbacks
Include a visible frame in your icon BUT using only flashback scenes.

*18. Damon+Free
Damon and freedom uh? It's up to you to decide what that means.

*19. Original+Blood
Icon one of the Originals and blood...shouldn't be too difficult.

*20. Your choice
Choose two words (any combination is fine) and make an icon!

Sign-ups will be open through the whole round here
Please ask if you have a question or if you'd like some icon examples :)

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